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Read the comments we’ve taken directly from our clients regarding their experience with our attorneys and firm. You can provide us with your testimonial by using our contact form or leaving us a review on Google.

“Al Polizzotto is the type of attorney that if you have to hire an attorney, he makes it pleasant (as best as an attorney reasonably can) and to the point (lawyers do charge by the hour). He really knows his stuff too!” — George Sarantopoulos

“I have had the pleasure of working with Alfred on a number of business and personal projects over the past 10 years. I’ve always been impressed with Alfred’s honesty, integrity and professionalism. I highly recommend Alfred and his firm.” — Pat Guerra

“Al did a great job in setting up a family trust. He was fantastic with my mom and explaining everything to her in a way she understood. His personality was calm and reassuring. Hard to get an 88-year-old to change her ways!” — Sam Parker

“Pleasure to work with.” — Greg Ovetsky

“Al helped me out through a very difficult time. I recommend him without reservation if you need a divorce attorney in Brooklyn or New Jersey.” — Kristofer Larson

“Have been doing business with Al and his father for more years than I care to remember. He has exceptional knowledge and is an expert in his field. His integrity speaks for itself. Great attorney…great guy.” — Nancy Giannone

“I have worked with Alfred on several occasions and highly recommend him and his firm.” — Vito Bruno

“Mr. Polizzotto is a highly professional, detail-oriented attorney. He made my husband and I feel like family from the moment we sat down with him. He was able to break down and explain the complicated legal process we were involved with in a simple, straightforward manner. We were always able to leave his office with a secure feeling knowing we had Mr. Polizzotto on our side.” — Roberta Loew

“Mr. Polizzotto focused his full attention on my family when we met with him; fielded all of our questions, never cut us off or rushed us. He has educated us about elder care law and practice beyond anything we could have understood or achieved on our own. His staff are also informed — a vitally important part of any law practice. We do not make an important elder care decision without consulting Mr. Polizzotto.” — Eve Rantzer

“I retained Al Polizzotto for estate planning and then later to represent me in a real estate transaction. When in a room with other people and their attorneys, I was pleased that Al was much more knowledgeable about current trends and changes in the law than the other attorneys. In fact, they were all listening to what he had to say! Al is a nice person and I felt very confident whenever we retained him.” — Victoria Szymczak

“Alfred has complete knowledge and expertise of handling my mother’s estate and planning. I would highly recommend him. No-nonsense attorney and honest.” — Jim Maffucci

“I’ve worked with Al on various estate issues over the past few years. His knowledge and professionalism make it a pleasure to work with both him and his office. Having successfully completed several transactions with The Law Offices of Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, I can truly say that I have total confidence in their ability to be thorough, timely and work in my best interest. I highly recommend their services.” — John Croce

“Alfred has exhibited superb knowledge with the service he provided. He is very helpful with a good staff.” — Mark Pacifico

“Alfred has been a pleasure to have as an attorney during these difficult times. His attention to detail has been comforting, because anyone who has gone through any type of legal matter knows that if you are represented by the right person things will work out well. He has been a “Pillar of stability”!!!”— Luis Orquera

“I needed someone very good and when I asked around the neighborhood one attorneys name came to most lips, Alfred Polizzotto. He was timely, had great ideas, excellent results and above and beyond what I expected.” — James Reams

“Working with legal issues in New York from Missouri was challenging from a logistics perspective, but Alfred made the process as easy as possible and was very responsive to calls and emails.” — Sal Ciccolella

“I wouldn’t hire anyone else but Alfred Polizzotto to handle any of my legal matters. You always want to make sure he is on YOUR side!” — Irene Marchiano

“My wife and I have been working with Alfred for about a year and a half on a legal issue and our estate planning needs. There are a few things that are noteworthy about Mr. Polizzotto: 1. He’s highly intelligent and his IQ is augmented by keen intuition. He makes sure he has a good understanding of the facts before addressing any potential legal options. 2. He gets back to us. I’m sure we’re not his most lucrative clients, but Mr. Polizzotto is diligent about being responsive and available to us. From my experience with lawyers, it’s an unusual and welcome habit. 3. He cares about what he’s doing. Every time we sat down with Mr. Polizzotto or spoke with him on the phone, he was gracious, funny and sensitive. 4. He knows his stuff. ‘Nuff said. Hey, I don’t want to have legal needs, but if I do…I’ll call Al.” — Brad Anderson

“My family and I have been using Alfred Polizzotto and The Law Offices of Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC for all of our legal matters. Alfred is an expert in his field; he is extremely professional and very thorough. He is a pleasure to work with.” — Len Lombardo

“Mr. Polizzotto is a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney who you can rely on and have total confidence that he will get the job done! Personally I have already trusted him with my life.” — Joseph Migliore