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Family Law

New York Family Law Attorney

Competent and caring family lawyers with 60-plus years’ experience helping Brooklyn and other New York families deal with legal transitions are available at the law firm of Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC.

We are experienced in all areas of family law, including:

Brooklyn Family Lawyer

Our family law attorneys understand from both personal and professional experience how great the emotional and financial hardships can be when divorce strikes a family. When we offer legal counsel and representation in a divorce or legal separation, we understand the need to strike a balance between these two aspects of marital breakup: emotional and financial.

We encourage you and your divorcing spouse to settle outside of court if possible. This requires a willing and conciliatory attitude on both sides. If both sides do not have that attitude, our divorce lawyers are well-prepared to litigate for your well-being.

Divorce is not a happy event for anyone. Children in particular are vulnerable to instability brought about by the disruption of their families. We make an effort to help our clients find ways to keep enmity from infecting their children in the process. Rather, we encourage and help them do whatever is necessary to reach an amicable solution and move forward to a more stable family arrangement.

New York City Child Custody Lawyer

In most cases, child custody is not a battleground in a divorce. However, it demands thoughtful attention from the parties to the divorce as well as competent divorce attorneys. We are experienced and skilled at helping you clarify the child custody and visitation guidelines that will be best in your family’s situation.

For an honest initial consultation about your family law matter, whether divorce, child custody or prenuptial agreement, call our New York family law attorneys and ask for an appointment with one of our experienced family lawyers.