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Using A Life Insurance Trust To Save On Taxation And Expense

A life insurance trust allows you to put the proceeds from an insurance policy back into the trust fund. Such a trust provides you more control over the proceeds of an insurance policy. For example, it allows for proceeds to be put aside for safekeeping for a minor child until they become an adult. Under the right circumstances, such a trust can also help reduce estate taxes.

However, as there are legal requirements that accompany a life insurance trust, it may be necessary to speak to an experienced estate planning lawyer to determine whether such a trust is right for you. For over 60 years, Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, has provided legal services and representation to New York and New Jersey. We represent individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the region. We can put together a financial strategy that meets your needs and goals.

The Benefits Of A Life Insurance Trust

When prepared correctly, a life insurance trust can provide several advantages. These include:

  • The proceeds may avoid probate and thus avoid income and estate taxation.
  • Such a trust provides greater control over the insurance policy and the way proceeds are distributed and spent.
  • Proceeds may be able to pay some or all of the estate taxes.

Mistakes In Drafting A Life Insurance Trust Can Be Costly

Life insurance trusts are complex. Such trusts are irrevocable and must already be in existence for a particular period before your death. Also, there are several tax requirements and ramifications that accompany such a trust. Mistakes in drafting such a trust can put the assets inside of the trust at risk. Also, such a trust may not be the right solution for everyone.

Our attorneys will assist you in any way we can. When drafting a trust, we will carefully put together the correct provisions to meet your unique circumstances. Any trust we draft will comply with applicable laws.

An Experienced Elder Law Attorney On Your Side

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