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Family-Based Petitions

At Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, we are committed to protecting family bonds by providing advocacy and representation to citizens and green card holders petitioning for family members’ immigration to the United States. For many, this process can be complicated and overwhelming. Our lawyers provide step-by-step guidance for each client.

If you are seeking to petition for a family member to enter the United States, we want to help. Call our law office today for a consultation to discuss your situation and the options available. Contact our immigration lawyers at 718-213-4861.

Family-Based Petitions — Set Up A Petition With A Professional Immigration Lawyer

Citizens of the United States may petition for immigration of certain family members, including spouses, fiancé(e)s, parents, siblings and children. Citizens can also petition for a K-1 visa for a fiancé(e) currently overseas.

Green card holders, or those who have lawful permanent residence, also have rights to petition for family members, but this is more limited. These individuals can petition for a spouse or a child who is either a minor or an unmarried adult.

These processes often require significant documentation and administrative work that can be confusing. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in each process and will ensure that you have all necessary documents to fulfill the requirements efficiently.

Family-based immigration can be a lengthy ordeal, creating stress and concern for all involved. Our attorneys understand the strain you are under during this time and provide the attention and detailed legal advice that you need to understand everything that is going on, as well as all available options. Each day you spend away from family members and loved ones is a burden, and we will help you complete the process as efficiently as possible.