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Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Closing Lawyer In Brooklyn

Are you looking to close on a home in Brooklyn? If so, you may think that you can close without a lawyer, but what do you do with all of the paperwork that you’re supposed to sign? And how do you answer complex questions that could implicate legal consequences? A real estate closing lawyer at Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, will be your advocate during closing.

Commercial And Residential Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Sound real estate representation when you are buying or selling a New York home will protect you in the long run. Many real estate closings, both residential and commercial, involve complicated legal issues. Contact an experienced real estate attorney at Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, today.

Residential And Commercial Real Estate Closing Guidance

If your closing goes wrong or issues arise because of documents that you signed at closing, it will be too late to protect you from harm. The documents that you sign become binding contracts. If you break a contract, it will likely result in serious financial consequences. With so many high risks, you want things to go right the first time around.

Our real estate closing attorneys preventatively address legal issues that can arise during closing, including issues involving:

  • Contract drafting
  • Clear title
  • Documents at closing
  • Disclosure of problems

To Prevent Problems, You Need A Real Estate Lawyer

The irreparable harm that can occur if a mistake is made during closing can be eliminated by hiring a real estate attorney to review the documents. Our attorneys spot issues that could grow into financially harmful lawsuits in the future. We work to protect you from signing documents at closing that are not in your best interests.

In addition to the financial consequences, acting without a lawyer may open you up to real estate litigation. When a real estate issue is mishandled at closing, the other party may sue you for breach of contract or nondisclosure issues. To prevent this from happening, we offer skilled legal advice in an effort to limit your liability from the real estate transaction.

For a consultation to discuss the benefits of a real estate attorney to assist in your residential or commercial closing, please contact our Brooklyn office at 718-213-4861.