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Asset Protection

New York Asset Protection Lawyer

If your assets are not protected, creditors, lawsuits and estate taxes can threaten your financial security. The estate planning and asset protection lawyers at Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, will help you establish tools to safeguard your assets.

Brooklyn, New York City, Trusts Attorney

Our law firm assists in asset protection for clients in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens in New York. Contact our skilled attorneys to schedule a consultation.

Our New York asset protection attorney, Alfred Polizzotto III, is a certified financial planner. His guidance can save you unnecessary legal and business expenses, particularly in areas such as New York or New Jersey asset protection and estate planning.

Don’t Leave Your Assets Vulnerable To Creditors And Lawsuits

Clients often come to us for legal advice after it is too late to protect their assets. We encourage you to speak with us right away. We handle asset protection by developing comprehensive plans that insulate you from future creditors and lawsuits. Measures that can be useful in protecting your assets include:

As an example, we helped a client expecting a large inheritance that resulted from the passing of her husband. That inheritance would have caused huge tax liabilities to her children when she passed away had the client not come to us to protect these assets. We were able to transfer the assets out of the client’s name by having the spouse disclaim these assets to the children who themselves created a business organization, thus protecting and preserving the assets.

Our practice areas are interrelated. When you come to us to address your asset protection needs, we can handle all other aspects of your legal issue without referring you to another firm. In addition to assisting with asset protection measures, we can handle all of your estate planning needs.

The Sooner You Call Us, The Better We Can Protect You

Our New York attorneys, with offices in Brooklyn, maintain a strong commitment to attorney-client relationships. We will work diligently to understand your needs so we can address all of the assets you want to protect. When you call us, we want to learn how we can best serve you and protect what is most important to you.

Contact Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, in Brooklyn before it’s too late to plan for asset protection.