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Digital Estate Counsel For Your Peace Of Mind

Every year, the world becomes more digitized. Our currency, copies of important documents and other significant assets have been converted to the digital landscape in just a few short decades. Many people do not consider what will happen to these assets after death.

Developing a digital estate plan can save your loved ones a lot of unnecessary stress and help you gain peace of mind. At Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC, we provide various estate planning services to Brooklyn residents and beyond—including Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan.

Arranging For Digital Assets In Your Estate Plan

Digital assets and other vital information occupy various corners of the web, as well as our personal hard drives. Such assets may include those related to:

  • iTunes or other media service accounts
  • Social media passwords
  • Information for financial institutions
  • Email accounts
  • Work-related information like spreadsheets
  • Family photographs

Several necessary laws are in place to protect these assets. Without a plan for digital assets in your will, your loved ones will likely have significant difficulty accessing them. As you look to the future, our attorneys will help you determine what digital assets and vital information you should include in your estate plan.

Start Preparing Today

Our lawyers provide a comprehensive overview of estate plans, which includes these digital assets. Connect with us today for more information on how we can help you prepare.