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Civil Litigation (general)

New York Civil Litigation Lawyer

Brooklyn, New York City, Breach Of Contract Attorney

General civil litigation is one of the strong suits of Polizzotto & Polizzotto, LLC. Our New York civil litigation attorneys, with law offices in Brooklyn, advocate on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in civil disputes.

In addition to real estate and family law litigation, we are often involved in cases involving breach of contract. We commonly litigate when conflicts arise from construction and property repair or remodeling contracting.

We have been involved in litigation involving franchising licenses and failure to pay royalties. We are qualified to advocate or defend when eminent domain is invoked for the sake of condemning properties. Our litigation lawyers have defended lawsuits involving failure to pay for goods or unkept promissory notes. We can defend individuals or businesses — employees and employers — accused of various grievances. Even when our clients are truly in the wrong, we are determined to keeping penalties fair. We ask courts to consider questions such as:

  • Was a wrong truly committed?
  • If so, is it everything the other side is claiming?
  • What wrong was actually committed, and how serious was it?
  • Is insurance fraud a possible motivation in the accusation?
  • Is the proposed penalty appropriate to the circumstances?

Regardless of which side of the litigation we are defending, we seek to use all our experience, knowledge and effectiveness to obtain fair results that conform with existing laws and societal norms.

We also handle litigation for several other practice areas.

Law Offices In Brooklyn

At our offices in Brooklyn, our New York civil litigation attorneys have a track record of aggressive advocacy and successful business lawsuits. In some cases, we obtain successful settlements before a litigation matter actually goes to court.

If you are contemplating (or facing) a civil lawsuit, contact our New York City civil litigation attorneys for a consultation. We are ready to evaluate the civil suit you are planning or preparing to respond to in the most professional and effective manner possible.