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Relatively few attorneys know the field of elder law as well as our New York elder law attorneys of Polizzotto and Polizzotto, LLC does. Our New York elder law practice was started by our founder, Alfred Polizzotto, more than 15 years ago. Over time, our lawyers have expanded in knowledge and accumulated relevant experience in this area. Contact an elder law attorney today for a thoughtful consultation about your elder law concern.

Elder law is a very broad area of law. It encompasses issues such as

  • Rights of the elderly,
  • Trusts and estates,
  • Medicaid guardianship,
  • Durable powers of attorney,
  • Conservatorships
  • Health care proxies,
  • Mental hygiene laws,
  • Nursing home benefits
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Appointment of trustees

Perhaps a trust pertaining to an elderly person in your family has been misused and you need help recovering the lost assets. Or perhaps your elderly family member has been mistreated in a health care setting. Whatever the issue surrounding your rights or your family member’s rights as elderly citizens, we are prepared to find a legal remedy.

Brooklyn NYC Elder Abuse Attorney

Our New York elder law lawyers are champions for the rights of the elderly. We’ve seen too many injustices committed against our elderly clients or elderly loved ones of clients. We are committed to prevention as well as correction when it comes to the rights of the elderly. We can skillfully assist in planning to prevent abuses, or we can engage in aggressive litigation to correct legal wrongs against them.

Our firm is large enough to have the resources to address your elder law concerns, yet small enough to take the time and give you the personal attention that you deserve when you entrust your legal matters to our care.

As we’ve been in business for over 40 years with offices in Brooklyn, NY, our involvement in elder law has grown partly out of our lifelong relationships with many neighborhood clients in the neighboring boroughs of New York City.

Contact an elder rights lawyer to arrange for a caring and professional assessment of your elder law concerns.