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Why you should not put off your immigration problem until after the election

This November, American voters will decide who the next president will be. The candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, have very different views on immigration law and how the process of gaining the right to live and work in the U.S. should work. This election could have a big impact on U.S. immigration policy for years to come.

Immigration matters to start taking care of now

If you have an immigration law matter, you should take action now instead of waiting until after the election. No matter who wins, immigration laws will likely change starting in 2025. Either Biden or Trump would be in their second term and could feel emboldened to pursue big changes in immigration policy. It could become much harder to achieve your immigration needs, such as:

  • Obtaining a family-based visa or green card for your husband or wife
  • Helping other family members, such as your parents or children, immigrate to this country
  • Getting a visa for yourself or renewing an existing visa

The sooner you get started on these matters, the more current immigration law will apply. There is no way of predicting how U.S. immigration law will change in the next year or two. Things that are possible right now might become very difficult or even impossible soon. Waiting too long could mean your family will not be reunited in New York City for years to come, if it ever happens.

The first step

Taking action now is the best move for many New Yorkers with an immigration problem. That starts with contacting an experienced immigration lawyer for help.

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