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What family members can help you enter the United States?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Immigration |

Legally entering and staying in the United States typically requires a visa. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) authorizes visas for a broad range of reasons.

People with specialized skills or a career with a growing company can possibly get a work visa. Many other people enter the United States through the sponsorship of a family member.

In theory, if you have loved ones who already reside in the United States as permanent residents or who are citizens, you may qualify for family-based immigration. What family relationships can help you with immigration?

Spouses often have immigration rights 

If your husband or wife is a United States citizen, a permanent resident or someone who qualifies for a visa, you may be able to enter the United States as their spouse. Immediate family members like spouses can apply for complimentary visas when people enter the United States for work.

If your spouse already lives in the United States with a Green Card, they can also help you enter the country. If you married a United States citizen or if your spouse naturalizes, that will also open immigration opportunities for you. Even a fiance who is an American citizen can possibly secure a visa for you.

Parents can often bring their children into the United States

If one of your parents left the family home to enter the United States for work, they could potentially help you. Unmarried children, particularly those under the age of 21, can usually enter the country through dependent visas or under the family preference visa program.

Children can bring their parents into the United States

The opposite scenario also works. A child who enters the United States and becomes a citizen can eventually sponsor their parents for entry into the United States as well.

Those hoping to enter the country due to family relationships will need to document their relationship and explore if they meet the other qualifications for visas.

Family-based immigration is one of the more accessible immigration programs, but it is still confusing and complicated. You will likely need help navigating the family-based immigration process whether you want to come into the country or bring a family member here.


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