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Can you qualify for a green card through your employment?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Immigration |

Many people who travel to the United States for employment opportunities initially have visas. There are multiple different visa programs that help certain workers enter the United States for employment opportunities. 

The problem with visas is that they are temporary and require renewals if the worker does a good job and their employer wants to keep them in the United States. When can those entering the country for work become permanent residents or obtain green cards? 

When they have training or experience

A first preference, second preference or third preference immigrant worker can potentially obtain a green card. That means you need to have extraordinary abilities, have an advanced degree or at least be a skilled worker with two years of training and employment experience. If you qualify under one of these three preference categories, you can potentially get a green card and stay in the United States indefinitely. 

When they are a medical physician

The United States has a special immigration program for medical doctors. If a physician will take a full-time job at a clinic set in an underserved area, they may qualify for a green card based on that service. Typically, they will have to remain in the position for a set amount of time to qualify for and retain their green card. 

When they are an immigrant investor 

There are also green card opportunities available for those who will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in domestic commercial enterprises. Someone hoping to start or invest in a business will need to show that their investment will create at least 10 full-time jobs to qualify for a green card. 

Exploring all of the immigration opportunities available to you can help you enter the country more easily and protect your right to stay here.

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