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The most common issues immigrants face in the U.S.

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Immigration |

Immigrating to a new country is challenging. There’s a mountain of paperwork to fill out, immunizations to obtain, and you may not be fluent in the language spoken in your new country. Once you finally arrive there is a whole new set of issues to face.

The United States is home to approximately 44 million immigrants. Yet, even in a country built on the backs of immigrants there continue to be problems. 

The top immigration issues

These are the most pressing issues facing immigrants today:

  • Finding employment can be a very frustrating experience. Immigrants who have degrees and expertise in a variety of fields back home don’t often get to use those skills in the United States. Instead, they are forced to take generalized jobs such as working in restaurants.
  • Finding housing that is decent and fairly priced can be a real challenge. Unfortunately, there are some landlords who will take advantage of immigrants by charging them high rent fees for a tiny apartment. Worse yet are the people who rent out places that haven’t been properly maintained.
  • Obtaining medical insurance has become very difficult for immigrants due to policy changes that have recently occurred. This means that many immigrant families can not afford to purchase insurance, and their health problems go untreated,
  • Issues with transportation include problems with obtaining a driver’s license or figuring out public transportation. To someone who is new to the country, these things can be difficult and possibly even scary. 

These issues are just a few of the many problems that immigrants face when arriving in the United States – in addition to the normal difficulties people have with trying to obtain visas, changes in their immigration status and more. Seeking out legal guidance to help you through the immigration process can help you turn your attention to the other areas of life which demand your focus.

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