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Why do U.S. visa requests get denied?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Immigration |

There are various reasons why individuals secure visas to come to the United States. You might have found the love of your life and want to join them and live happily ever after. You might also want to bring your family back together in a single county now that some of them live here.

Whatever your reason for coming to the U.S., it takes more than just committing to the idea to relocate. You must meet certain standards to be permitted entry. You’ll want to review the checklist to ensure that you’re a candidate before taking additional steps.

What are common reasons immigration officials deny visa requests?

Immigration officials say that they review each application for a U.S. visa on its own merits. Still, the federal government also lists a variety of concerns that may disqualify you from receiving a U.S. visa, including:

  • Not applying for the correct category of visa
  • Having overstayed a prior visa
  • Being unable to show evidence that you’re self-sufficient
  • Not submitting enough supporting documentation with your application
  • Having a criminal record for violent, drug and other offenses
  • Lying on your application

If you’ve already applied for a visa, then you can expect immigration officials to either accept your request or send you a letter explaining the reasoning behind a denial.

You may be able to overcome some of the rejection reasonings by submitting whatever documentation immigration officials said was missing. Some factors may appear to be permanent bars to admission. You may be able to secure a waiver under certain circumstances.

When applying for a visa, you must remember that your admission to the U.S. is completely discretionary. Immigration officials don’t have to agree to let you in, no matter your reasoning for petitioning for the visa.

You should carefully select the visa category that you’re planning to apply under. It may be possible to apply under various categories, depending on whether you have a job offer in hand or family members living here. You’ll want to take time to learn more about the different visa programs you qualify to come here on and ensure that you provide ample supporting evidence so that there’s no question in immigration officials’ minds whether they should let you in.

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