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Michael Strahan, ex in court over child support for twins

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Family Law |

It’s been 14 years since former New York Giant Michael Strahan divorced his wife Jean Muggli Strahan. However, the relationship between the two appears to still be acrimonious.

They’re fighting in Manhattan Supreme Court over Strahan’s child support obligations for the couple’s twin daughters. The girls, who are 15, live with their mother in North Carolina.

At a recent hearing, the former Mrs. Strahan’s attorney said that after her client sought an increase in child support payments, which haven’t changed in over a decade, Strahan “had around the clock private investigators at her home….[and] battered her financially with lawsuits.” She says her client endured “months of harassment” both in North Carolina and here in New York.

Although Strahan wasn’t present at the latest hearing, his attorney called those allegations “reckless” and “inaccurate.” He said, “The notion there has been surveillance is absurd. It will never be proven.”

Child support isn’t the only thing the two are fighting over. They’re also battling over custody of the teens in a North Carolina Court. Reportedly, Strahan is seeking to have the girls relocate to New York to be with him. The Hall of Famer is a host on Good Morning America.

As details of the couple’s ongoing legal battles have become public, the New York judge cautioned them, not to “litigate issues surrounding your children in the press.”

Certainly, children’s support needs change as they get older. Parental obligations for child support may also change as their income and financial status change. It’s only fair for parents to pay a fair amount of child support.

Co-parents often disagree about how much support is fair and what kinds of things it should pay for — particularly when there’s considerable wealth involved. Whichever side of the child support agreement you’re on, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re truly looking out for your children’s best interests and not just trying to hurt your ex.

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