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Can I make my own will?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Sometime in your life, you’re going to consider making a will. This legal document can help detail what you want your beneficiaries to inherit, who your power of attorney is and how you want your funeral conducted. The sooner you make a will the better it is for you and your family.

People typically have three options when making a will: writing it by hand, using an online template or seeking legal guidance. While you could write up a will right this very instant, there could be serious problems rushing into this legal document. Here’s what you should know:

Why you shouldn’t write a will by hand

The first intuition for many people is to write a will by hand. In theory, writing your own will is not only cheap but could only take a few minutes.

In reality, writing a will by hand may miss very important details of a valid will. If all someone leaves behind is a handwritten will, then there could be major will disputes, ultimately, causing the wrong people to inherit from an estate.

The problem with premade will templates

Some people realize that wills are complicated documents and search for help online. The difficulty with finding help online is that it may lead people down the wrong path.

There are many sites that advertise cheap and easy pre-made will templates. These templates intend to give people the ease of making a will without the hassle of tons of paperwork and leaving the house.

However, premade templates can have tons of legal issues. Each state has its own law for wills which may not be considered in premade wills. Additionally, these wills may be only as good as people pay for, meaning a cheap will could have tons of grammatical flaws, jeopardizing its validity.

Finding the right legal help when making a will

Your best bet when making a legally sound will may be to reach out for legal help. Having an experienced legal guide take you step-by-step through your will could give you a better idea of just how important this legal document is.

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