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Have you seriously considered your long-term care needs?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Elder Law |

Though you may not consider yourself old enough to think about needing a nursing home one day, the need for long-term care could affect anyone at any age. True, older individuals are more likely to need this type of attention, but really, a sudden illness or injury could cause anyone to find him or herself needing long-term care.

Because the possibility does exist, planning for future care may be in your best interests. By having a plan, you can indicate how and where you want your care to take place, and you can also begin taking steps to ensure that you can afford the necessary care, which can often prove expensive.

In the care of others

Whether you want to remain in your home or utilize a nursing home or assisted living facility, you will end up in the care of other people. While many people may hope that a close loved one could provide care, that desire is not always realistic. Family members may lack the skill and knowledge to handle your medical needs, and they may also not have the time or ability to address your care as often as you need.

Of course, enlisting professional help is a costly endeavor, though likely necessary. Due to a decrease in younger caregivers, the possibility exists that the costs for care may only continue to increase. Therefore, you may want to prepare for the possibility of spending over $100,000 a year on care services alone.

You may also have concerns about the quality of care you will receive. When a shortage of caregivers exists, the chance for negligence or other quality-lacking issues could increase.

Planning ahead

By planning ahead, you may have the ability to better ensure that you will receive quality care when the need arises. Additionally, your plans could help you understand your insurance coverage and possibly facilitate the arrangement of your funds in a manner that may qualify you for Medicaid..

Because long-term care planning has a great importance, you may want to understand your planning options as soon as possible. Information from legal resources may help you obtain reliable and applicable facts, and a legal professional could help you create the best plan for your potential needs and wishes. Without a plan, your care could remain in question, and family members may have difficult choices to make.

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