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Social Media & Immigration Applications

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2015 | Immigration |

During the review of immigration applications for visas, naturalization, adjustment of status, waivers, it is increasingly common for USCIS, CBP or the various Consulates to search for and review the social media accounts of the applicants.

Simple Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Twitter searches have revealed immigration applicants with fiances who are claiming to married to a USC seeking a “Green Card”, applicants announcing new jobs awaiting them in the US when they are seeking a visa which does not permit work.

Social media can not only reveal the presence of issues such as fraud or misrepresentation such as those listed above, but they can also go much deeper.  One impact area is in Naturalization.  An applicant seeking naturalization or citizenship before USCIS must be to the satisfaction of the examining office a person of “good moral character”.

Many postings to these social media accounts may be used by the officer to attack an applicant’s good moral character if there is evidence contained in there regarding activities which would show disorderly conduct, drunk driving, infidelity, pornographic postings or the like.

It is best that the applicant before USCIS or any other agency review their account to remove any offensive or problematic postings or better yet consider removing those accounts entirely.

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