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How a divorce registry can help you start your new life

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Divorce |

You and your spouse likely set up a wedding registry at one or more retailers when you got married and baby registries if you had children. Now, more and more people are using the gift registry concept when they divorce. This time, however, the registry is all your own.

Whether you moved out of the family home or you’re still there, you likely are missing more than a few things you’re used to. These aren’t the big things you and your spouse may have battled over during property division negotiations. They’re more likely things like dishes, cookware, bedding, workout equipment and some wall art.

You can ask for money and help as well as stuff

There’s even a website called Divorcist that provides a divorce registry where you can ask for gifts, cash or favors.  It can give friends and family a place to go if they want to help you but aren’t sure what to do. Divorce registries can be shared on your social media pages, in emails and texts or however you choose to do it. 

Of course, a divorce registry isn’t intended to replace a fair division of property and assets in your divorce. That is something that you should work toward. No one should come out of a divorce with no money and no property. 

However, starting life as a single person again inevitably requires some adjustment. Even if you just need a spa day, a nice bottle of whiskey or a t-shirt that announces to everyone at the gym that you’re on the market again, a divorce registry can be a useful and even fun way to help you start rebuilding your life.

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