Legal Permanent Residency Card Services

There are many options available to those seeking legal permanent residence status or a "green card" in the United States. At Polizzotto & Polizzotto LLC, we are committed to helping families stay together and individuals secure employment in the country by providing trustworthy legal solutions and step-by-step guidance in efficiently completing the green card status. We will also advise you of any actions that could jeopardize your green card application or status.

If you or a family member is seeking legal permanent residence in the United States, call our firm to learn your rights and the steps to accomplish this goal. Contact our immigration lawyers at 718-213-4861.

Apply for Permanent Residence With an Immigration Lawyer

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States can petition for visas of certain family members overseas or green card status of those already within the country. This includes:

  • Children, both minor and unmarried adults
  • Adopted children
  • Fiancés and spouses
  • Same-sex fiancés or spouses
  • Spouses, children or immediate family members who have suffered domestic violence

Your rights and the process you must go through vary depending on whether you are a citizen or a permanent resident. Our immigration lawyers will help you clearly understand where your situation stands and the steps you must take to successfully complete this process as efficiently as possible.

Employment-Based Green Cards

Companies and employers within the United States can sponsor a foreign national's petition to enter the country and be granted a legal permanent residence to complete work for that company. Generally, these petitions are categorized as follows:

  • Executives and managers - This designation is for individuals working for a company while living outside of the U.S. for more than three years who wish to enter the country to work for that company.
  • People with extraordinary talent - This is reserved for individuals who can provide proof that they possess extraordinary talent or achievement in business, science, education, art or athletics.
  • Multinationals with advance degrees - Universities and higher education can petition for academic individuals to enter the country to contribute to research and ongoing learning.
  • Religious workers - Those performing religious or charitable work can petition to enter the country through a religious organization.
  • Skilled workers - Companies can petition for foreign nationals who have displayed abilities at skilled work or trades to enter the country.

Our attorneys will evaluate your situation and the employment being offered to provide practical solutions in completing the immigration process as efficiently as possible.