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It is estimated that nearly four million Americans suffer some form of mental dementia, most commonly Alzheimer's Disease. That figure is expected to triple by 2050. With the onset of dementia comes the growing need for assistance with such common daily tasks as dressing and feeding oneself, administering to even modest financial matters, and providing for one's own medical care. If you have a loved one who has difficulty making sound financial and lifestyle decisions, contact an experienced elder law attorney to discuss the possibility of establishing a guardianship or conservatorship to aid your loved ones.

The elder law attorneys at the law firm of Polizzotto and Polizzotto, LLC understand from both our personal and professional experience how emotional and financial hardships that can come about as your loved ones grow older. We offer legal counsel and representation to help you through the myriad of issues that are covered under elder law. Our attorneys can help with Medicaid planning and nursing home issues, estate planning questions, trust preparation, as well as matters requiring guardianships or conservatorships. Below is helpful information to answer some of your questions on elder law.

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